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Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Cactus&Succulent Society. You can learn about our club in the about section. Our monthly newsletter is  “The Offset”.  All issues starting in 2011 are available under the Newsletters tab. A membership form is available under the Join tab.  Feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions about the club or this webpage.  Unless otherwise stated, photos are by Mike Douglas.  Check out our Facebook page.

Genera of the month Stapelia, Huernia, Orbeopsis

Succulents in the Stapelia group tend to have very interesting flowers which also have a bad (putrid) smell. The smell is intended to attract flies which are the main pollinators. Some flowers are hairy which apparently is meant to replicate the fur of an animal, presumably a dead animal in this case. The stems of the different species in the different genera (e.g. genus Stapelia, Orbeopsis, Orbea, Stapelianthus, Huernia among others) can superficially look very similar. It is when the flowers appear that you can really appreciate the plants you have. This is a collage of some of the Stapelias, Orbeopsis and Huernias that have flowered in our collection this year.


Our monthly meetings and programs are temporarily on hold until the Covid-19 crisis passes

 Updated October 12 , 2020